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Knowledge Isn’t Enough Anymore


The world around us is changing faster than ever. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, data science and other cutting-edge fields are constantly growing and showing no signs of slowing down. Many futurists, technologists and academics are now predicting that computing will be taking massive leaps forward over the next 10-15 years. These advances will undoubtedly come with many great benefits...

The Wayback Machine Scraper [GDoc]


The Wayback Machine Scraper is Google Doc that allows you to quicklypull page titles from URLs that no longer exist (i.e. 404 pages). Having page title information for your 404 pages can really help when you're wanting to redirect those 404 pages to their closest equivalent on your new site.

Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager


One of the most difficult aspects of any analytics implementation is that often the person setting up the analytics has no ongoing access to the back end of the website; this makes adding tracking codes and making changes a potential challenge, as you may need to navigate different teams and site stakeholders in order to get anything done.

My 5 Favourite Web Design Tools


Web technologies are evolving at a massive pace. Since I started (dabbling) with web design, I’ve adopted a number of tools that have either made my workflow faster or made my websites better. Here are five web design tools I can’t live without. Sublime Text 2 Sublime Text 2 is a front-enders dream. Lighter than Textmate and as feature-rich as Espresso 2 or Coda, this text editor has...

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